Products Used

At Gianola Canvas, we use only the highest quality products in our work to ensure the longest possible life of your completed project.

Sunbrella Acrylic Canvas

Sunbrella is an acrylic, solution dyed canvas. Contrary to logic, the darker the color, the longer it lasts.  This is because it's the dye in the fabric that has the UV inhibitors and keeps the sun from burning it out.

Sunbrella guarantees their fabric for a period of 10 years against sun damage, mildew rot and fading. We have seen the lighter colors last 10 years, whereas the dark colors last 12-14 years.

Browse Sunbrella Fabric colors and patterns:

Perennials Luxury Upholstery Fabric

Perennials offers designer outdoor fabrics, made from 100% solution dyed acrylic with a three year no-fade guarantee. Perennials fabrics can be used for garden furniture, pool-side, or on boats, and are made to resist fading, mold and mildew.

Gore Tenara Thread

Gore Tenara Thread is a teflon thread.  It is impervious to the sun. The Gore company guarantees their thread for the serviceable life of the canvas. If the thread fails before then, they will pay to restitch your canvas. We have used the Gore thread for over 15 years and never had any claims on that warranty.

Strataglass or O'Sea

In years past, the typical vinyl window material was a 40 mil pressed and polished clear vinyl. Although this is still a good product, we now also offer Strataglass and O'Sea. These are the same 40 mil products with a polymer coating which makes it UV resistant and so that you can polish light scratches out of it. It has twice the life expectancy of the typical 40 mil vinyl.

Rainier Bonded Windows

We offer the Rainier Bonded Windows. They are made from .090 Lexan with a UV and abrasion coating or acrylic. This is a hard window bonded between 2 layers of fabric. Cleanly contrusted and beautiful to look through.

Cushion Foams

We use a wide variety of foams in our cushions, depending on what they are being used for. For dry applications, we offer a high resilient foam, comparable in comfort to the latex foams and quite long lasting.  For damp or wet applications, we offer Dri-Fast foam.  Unlike closed cell foams, the Dri-Fast foam is soft and comfortable, but will not absorb water. It is also far less expensive than closed cell foam.